The wall before installation.

Alaska Public Media has this long hallway to access a number of its studio spaces. The construction is unique, with lighting soffits spaced by tall areas of the wall which feature windows up high for natural light. Since construction, it sat fairly empty aside from light décor and the occasional gallery-type function (note the continuous picture-hanging rail). Brown and Blue was originally contracted to help in updating a bulk of internal materials, which familiarized us with the brand, and were subsequently pulled in to brainstorm on how to create a donor wall that would be unique to them, without breaking the bank.
Full color mock-up of concept art with brick textured background.
Mockup showing referenced brand colors, technical specifications, and scale.
Elements from the concept presentation are shown above with visual aides to indicate mounting the brackets within grout lines of the concrete block surface for minimal impact to the facade—and appropriate back-spacing to clear the rough surface. This helped to provide a consistent grid for mounting the different-sized circles, making the installation process slightly easier. The scale was created to help illustrate overall height and length of the piece in human terms, as well as a reference to the brand colors which were used.

Installation complete.