Brown and Blue (formerly Brown Graphic Design) was founded by graphic designer James K Brown in 2008. Our specialty is graphic design with an emphasis on the four-color print process as we have decades of experience in handling newsprint and magazines as well as offset and digital printing methods for print collateral. We also provide digital services for social media and web design, or other media as needed.
"I've worked in graphic design before I knew what it was," states our founder. "As far back as elementary school I began drawing comics and providing layout for school publications on up to participating in the yearbook club during high school. Shortly after college graduation in Arizona I found myself back in my home town of Soldotna, Alaska where I obtained my first full-time employment in the composition and paste-up department at the local newspaper. After a few years of working simultaneous full and part-time design jobs I finally founded my first official freelance identity, Brown Graphic Design, which mostly played second fiddle to my varied full time employment status up until late 2017. 2018 brought new opportunities and therefore a new name: Brown and Blue."
In order to leave room for future growth, and to also satisfy a yearning for abstract Alaskan symbolization, James coined the name Brown and Blue for this updated venture. The inspiration came mostly from a general admiration of husky breeds and a fairly common mutation they share–heterochromia–different colored eyes which are typically Brown and Blue.​​​​​​​